Last Sunday 22nd of October, around the date of the birthday of Pablo Picasso (born in 1881), Montana Colors participated at the 8th edition of the event which this year comes under the name ”Big Draw 2017 – La Festa del Dibuix”. This is a festival which is held in 26 countries all over the globe, and which in Catalunya is set up at the Museo Picasso in Barcelona. It also involves various other companies and places in the Born and Ribera areas, all united under the art of drawing. The over 20 different workshops in La Ribera, Santa Caterina and Sant Pere had more than 15.000 participants. The museum offered over 500 cans of MTN Water Based through the disposition of their assistants together with dussins of MTN PUZZL6 to be the surfaces for the workshops held for kids, (and others less childlike as well).

All courses where held under the supervision of Seta and SM172 with hundreds of young new artists and their families in a surrounding full of color and creativity in the very heart of the Picasso museum in Barcelona.

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