We are getting closer to the time of year which is full of traditions. The yearly calendar made by Rosy One is to us part of our customary christmas celebration.  It is now, like every year, the moment to announce what she has prepared to give some ambience to the 12 months of 2018, and it deserves some anticipation.

 This is the 5th edition of the now legendary calendar designed by Rosy One, illustrator and graphic designer from Biel-Bienne and one Switzerland’s most famous graffiti writers through the times.

”Style Animals – Zoological Graffiti Calendar” is the quite explicative title to present this edition. This year its time for animals to play the leading part alongside the classic references to Hip-Hip culture. Fun illustrations full of style and color as always.

This is a fantastic gift for all types of audiences where we find a good blend of masterly executed graffiti and the spirit of oldschool Hip-Hop in the form of a homage to the animal kingdom which can be found on the official website of Rosy.

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