From Surrey in Canada, next to Vancouver in Brittish Columbia, we get Nako to answer question for Spraydaily’s classic “Hello My Name Is“.

With 20 Years of graffiti in his backpack, his pieces are full of classic graff elegance and he knows how to use bold types of color combos which always results in great harmony. According to custom we present the interview in a summary with some of the published pieces and quotes of his words.

“Graffiti for me is a creative outlet, something to clear my mind of stress and forget about everything except for my piece.”

“Surrey has grown a ton in the last 10 years but prior to that it was shithole of drug abuse and gang violence. It’s a big city area wide but a pretty small scene.”

“(Writing) it keeps me away from the bad influences of drugs that are pretty rampant and I have lost almost my friends to it.”

“If I can’t read your shitty throw up I don’t give a shit about how much I see them, they still suck.”

“The best thing for me about graffiti is the experience, I can look back at a piece from 10 years ago and know who I was with, what the weather was like, what we shit talked about and so on. The worst thing is ego and politics.

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