Andrea Ravo Mattoni is an Italian artist who in 2016 wanted to unite the graffiti and painting worlds with a striking project.

Having been a writer since 1995, his time at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan) led him to abandoning the use of spray paint and completely devoting himself to acrylic paint and the study of classical art.

The project titled, “A Retrieval of Classicism in the Contemporary World” aims to propagate what is understood as classic art from between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries through the use of spray paint. Each one of the artworks completed has a close link to the place in which it is located, such as the representation of Scipio Pulzone in Gaeta or Delacroix in Paris.

Each of the murals forms part of a project with the objective to construct a bridge between the past and the contemporary.

His latest artwork painted in Rome, faithfully portrays the Caravaggio canvas titled “Seven works of mercy” and he managed to achieve the characteristic chiaroscuro effect of the works by the Lombard painter.

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