Incognito Magazine number 22 has made it to our hands and as always, it represents the most vanguard in graffiti. This new copy is crammed with especially interesting content, and above all, in text form.

The prologue professes the importance of printed publications and reflects on the change that Instagram has brought in regards to writers’ behavior when posting their material. Here, they let us know that that very topic will be further discussed in the Gues SDK interview, and they also announce the rest of the articles.

After a train appetizer from different locations, the special feature about Reko GBR hits. A short text which manages to transmit the emotions and personal meaning that he attributes to graffiti, serves as an introduction to a full harvest of photos of pieces on German, Italian, and Swedish trains. His journeys conclude with a short article about a couple of sessions in Paris.

We continue on to an interlude of worldwide walls that includes writers like Egs, Seb, W. Taz and Cazter in order to get to the main course; an article on Såg. The Swede shows us more metros than trains that are adorned with his witty Nordic style, between doses of “snus”.

A brief yet satisfying summary of international throw-ups and tags precedes the headlining feature in this issue: Gues SDK. An interesting interview to get you fuming is accompanied by his latest pieces which reflect this writer’s constant evolution in style which makes evident his stylistic link to crews like SDK and PAL. The Parisian is honest and exhibits his extremely interesting point of view about the French and international scenes, writers’ use of Instagram, as well as some personal and stimulating reflections.

A variety of international trains that are Nordic for the most part, act as a break until the next special feature. The next article begins with a suggestive poem, packed with trains and metros by Plorvi. Belgium and Denmark are the main countries where this writer delivers his extremely naive style.

Three more pages of pieces on brick keep with the publication’s symmetry which ends with a pleasant cherry on top: Japhy. This writer’s style brings the best in flavor of Finnish graffiti on trains.

It’s possible that the stimulating introductory texts to the articles and above all, the juicy Gues interview, make this Incognito # 22 very special. As always, it’s a collection of the most risky European styles that are only fit for the most subversive writers.

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