Us at Montana Colors have very actively collaborated during the latest event of the Moments Festival which recently held their 4th edition in the city of Malaga. 

Moments festival is a meeting opportunity for people and artists of all sorts. Skaters, graffiti writers, illustrators, tattoo artists, musicians, calligraphy artists.. and many more. These people can within the context of the festival gather their knowledge and experiences in front of a wide and varied crowd. Through expos, talks and meetings the event has managed to communicate and address people through what we know to be ”independent culture”.

Moments festival is a celebration, a kind of voice for spontaneous art forms, art from the street and of the people.
This year us at Montana Colors has been offered to participate directly, and it is with great honor that we accept this invitation. We also brought a ally of ours, the great MurOne who took care of hosting a workshop with the students from Escuela de Arte de San Telmo in Malaga with a course in typography. And, he also made a spectacular mural at the Colegio Público El Gracia which, apart from being a work of excellent crafting based on emulsion paint and aerosol, has converted into being one the largest murals in the south of Spain.

Together with the artist, MurOne had help from Marc and Albert from Montana Colors in a talk which focused on the theme of aersol painting and how it has affected the history of graffiti and street art since its origins.

You can come across more about the festival, its talks and the exhibitions, as for example the genius of Phil Hacket and Phil Morgan through the web.

We are delighted to having been able to have worked with such a spectacular team. We can not forget to thank Juan and David from Staf Magazine for the excellent organization and invaluable backup with great presentation for this project which we forecast to have a long lasting life as a event. We wish you all the best!!

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