The use of the word original is often abused, but in the case of the GR170 exhibition at Montana Gallery Barcelona, the word fits perfectly for two reasons. His recognizable style of a thousand influences yet none, was presented in “Suburban Folk” by means of two formats; some very peculiar ceramic sculptures and paintings on metal sheeting and pieces of wood. Both the style and the artworks’ surfaces transport us to the origins of GR170’s artistic path: the happy aesthetic of colors in the outskirts of Barcelona, halfway between the factories and the countryside. To pay tribute to the how important GR170’s graffiti of these dimensions is, a truck made of wood served as a guestbook for the visitors of this successful inauguration.

Cristina Buxó managed to capture some of the emotions with her camera from that unique evening which brought together a large part of the Barcelona graffiti and street art scene in a massive yet familiar gathering. And it definitely wasn’t because of the cold.

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