He’s one of the outstanding students from the Malaysian school of graffiti who we’ve already introduced in our “Instagram Suggestion” section. Now, the people at Spraydaily are the ones who want to delve into the story of Siek27, a writer from Kuala Lumpur who has become a master in wildstyle in a very short period of time, and makes excellent use of his preferred paint: MTN Hardcore 2. SInce it couldn’t have been any other way, we’ve summarized the article with some images and text fragments that we found most interesting.

“(Kuala Lumpur) The number of writers are increasing and so does the amount of burner walls. (…) But we’re running low on bombers to compare with others Asian country like Indonesia.”

“I saw some of the writers only start painting because they think they can make a good income from it and it get’s in my nerves.”

“There’s a lot graffiti writer have to sacrifice like money, time, love and many more. For god sake please try and appreciate all graffiti for what it is and feel the messages we try to deliver.”

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