This years Art Basel  in Miami came loaded with the stuff  that dreams are made of, even if some of them are more like a nightmare.

Even if the main festival was held on the weekend between the 8th and the 10th of December, the writers and street artists came days in advance to be able to make as many murals possible, walk around Wynwood area and party.

The Fours Crew, of whom we have talked about before, was also there to enjoy the good weather of Miami and at the same time visit their friend Eskae545 and his homies.

This is one of the walls they painted during the days spent there with the full crew, except for Jat from New York.

Anecdote: ”In this mural there was a piece by Scan, and it was respected and incorporated into the production, even added with studied details from other pieces by him. The whole background is made by Harrybones”.

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