After a long visit to Barcelona, the artist Francesco Pinzon says farewell to the Catalan capital by leaving a enormous colorful gift to the city.
The beauty of nature and animals is a recurrent theme in the works of the Mexican artist, and he has taken good care of this medium sized mural to give life to the naked bricks with a majestic presentation of a octopus at CityStop.

The defensive mechanism of this cephalopod with its use of ink as a weapon are used in the piece to state the complexity and beauty of this animal in itself, and in the big picture, all living creatures. At the same time it is inevitable to think  about its own defense when confronting human kind, and how we must become more conscious in ecologic terms and respect the ecosystem.

The piece has also become one of the cities biggest permanent interventions ever. The amazing pictures we show you were taken by Fernando Alcalá.

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