Eight years after his last expo on Spanish terrain Kenor is back to host a show in Barcelona. This time  it is the N2 Gallery which will exhibit his works in a collection which is mainly made out of sculptures, most of which are made to pay homage to the famous Catalan artist Joan Miró.

Kenors obsession of interacting with the spaces around his art is taken to another dimension thanks to the roles played by his sculptures. A logic evolution sprung from his constant experimentations with geometrics and materials inspired by the movement of spraypainting in the street. This format even recovers the spirit of his early installations in abandoned spaces made with materials from construction sites.

The characteristic rythm and energy of Kenor seems to have a unstoppable evolution, here seen  brought back to the original essence of his works both in concept, form, format and place of existence: Barcelona.

Kenor, ‘Rítmica’. N2 Galería, Barcelona. Opening January 11st 2018 7pm.

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