Hands down, Paris is the European city for trucks. No other urban center from the Old World has such an ample “mobile hall of fame”. The intense street bombing done on these vehicles has converted them into surfaces for doing productions, and that turns the act in itself into a more accepted one.

And as with other mediums, a specific competition of names exists in which one group slightly stands out above the rest. In this case it’s FD crew, a Parisian collective formed by the writers Alfe, Fume2, Panzer, Peter, Reduk and Tipol. The conjugation of three specific characteristics have become the representative style traits of this crew.

The majority of pieces use effects and color combinations that are reminiscent to classic Parisian graffiti. On top of this, a certain disregard for a clean finish, an expressiveness in the outlines and the use of classic stock-caps produces a naive aspect that is completed by the characters that accompany them. The latter, aside from possibly achieving public acceptation, enliven the compositions in a big way.

The photographs that we’ve selected from sites such as lepublicnme and Graffit.INK bear witness to both the prolificacy and attractive style of the Fait Divers.

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