Drips has dedicated a feature to pieces painted on the remains of constructions from the Second World War located on the French Atlantic Coast. Moner, Shire, Reso, and Mites are a few of the writers who have made use of the battered fortifications as surfaces for their graffiti, and indeed they do lend for spectacular landscapes for the piece photographs.

“Totalling four thousand kilometers in length, the Atlantic Wall constructed by the Nazis in 1942 extended from Spain all the way to Norway on the Western side of Europe.

Over sixty years after the landing of the Allied Forces in Normandy, the fortifications of the Thrid Reich – bunkers and cement reinforcement blocks along the beaches suffer frequent letter attacks on the frontline, backed by an army of high standing soldiers. From Calais to Cap Ferret, the bombing has intensified on the remains from the Second World War… in color and silver.”

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