It just so happens that there are people whose love is to record freight trains in circulation for no other purpose than to enjoy different varieties of metal giants in movement.  In turn, that turns these videos into evidence of graffiti on freight trains.

On this particular topic, Buny is the all seeing eye. He’s probably one of the most specialized writers in the search for documenting their own marks with these types of videos. It’s a relatively easy job given that his tenacious activity causes him to be almost omnipresent in the discipline, and that being said, is without a doubt the most prolific on Spanish soils. It’s not even crazy to say that one third of all freight train the national railway network have a piece or throw-up by the legendary Madrid writer.

Doing away with online anonymity with the creation of his Instagram, the KR2 member takes a new media step forward by inaugurating his own Youtube channel where, for the time being, he’s included a few recordings in the true “rail fan” style.


Buny’s long career has gone through many different stages: from a staunch passenger train writer to an international street bomber, on through to a subterranean fanatic on different train systems – hiis tag has become a brand in the most remote places in cities all over the world. His latest obsession, freight trains, may be what has maintained his status as a legend during the past years, helping to perpetually disperse those four letters that have travelled the furthest away from the outskirts from Madrid.

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