Axel Void, Bond, Chazme, Dourone, Gleo, Hopare, Jo Di Bona, Pro176 and The Lopez are the nine artists selected by the Swinton Gallery for their new group expo entitled Spectrum. This is an event comissioned by Jean Claude Geraud from the artist agency City OF Talents, and have here managed to assemble a heterogeneous collection of works for the walls of the gallery in Madrid, a exhibition which can be visited until the 25th of February.

One of the nine artists had to be put in charge for the intervention of ”Mind The Wall”, and this street action is usually organized parallel to the exhibitions held in Swinton. The task was given to Pro176, a artist with great skills in turning walls of large dimensions into art with his particular pictorial compositions.
Here we can see a whole bunch of images from the process of this surprising artwork.

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