Arsek and Erase is a duo of two well known graffiti artists from Sophia. Their works has influences from comics types of illustrations with a great evolution thanks to a very effective use of colors. Due to the amusing results of their works and the massive popularity they have had on Instagram they have now been invited to Tattoo Convention of Brussels, one of the most important meetings of its kind in Europe.

To share this experience with the rest of us, Arsek and Erase has made a video to the occasion, showing both their own interventions as well as some things which was to be experienced at the convention. With our MTN Water Based 300 as their main tool together with the MTN Puzzl6 as a canvas the two Bulgarian artists added some more color among the classic cars, hot girls and oceans of ink injected in peoples skin.

And if you want to see a video about the whole event, Masterpiece Tattoos did this one:

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