The French artist OakOak lands at Montana Gallery Barcelona with “Out of the Frame”, his first exhibition in Spain. OakOak is known worldwide for his ingenious interventions that began on the streets of his hometown, Saint Etienne. Streets, curbs, walls, fire hydrants and all urban fittings are transformed under his gaze.

OakOak didn’t study art; art came to him. After having worked for a few years in the urban planning sector, one day back in 2006, it occurred to him to paint three fire hydrants and transform them into characters. The result was so good that it paved the way to doing more of these types of artworks, leading to him quitting his job and completely dedicating himself to art and urban interventions. Today his work has spread internationally, making him an essential artist on the urban art scene.

A lover of pop culture, cartoons, and above all, the Simpsons, the artist uses well-known characters to give them life in the streets while making use of urban elements and an unparalleled imagination. A crack becomes Spiderman’s web, a brick comes to life, pedestrian crossings fall in love… it’s all about knowing how to observe and discover with the objective to surprise the viewer.

In this exhibition OakOak brings these interventions to the gallery’s interior without losing that touch of humor that characterizes him. You’ll see paint palettes, spray cans and other objects transformed into characters that interact with one another.

Another “interior” medium that the artist utilizes are his handmade prints in which he depicts some of his exterior, ephemeral interventions. Transforming the world and making us think and laugh; that is OakOak’s goal.

Inauguration Thursday, March 1st.
Exhibitions runs from March 2nd until April 21st, 2018.

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