The coming Friday, 16th of March, Montana Cafe Restaurant will turn into a haven for Barcelona’s most underground graffiti. The project “Blood & Madness” will open for the public through a photographic exhibition loaded with material from train and metro missions. These are images that shows the sneakiest activities of graffiti through its most hidden and secret sides of them all. This is a essential theme that can not be missed in the program of the expos at the restaurant of Montana Colors.

Barcelona Showdown” shows the other side of what is to be found under the city with one or more footprint made in the train hangars, this way converting the frequent and common view of places we are used to see from the other side. Satisfaction, pain, delirium, confrontations, risks, colors, illness, time… these are words which can describe the life of a train writer, and sometimes these moments has to be frozen in time through the use of a camera.

Portraits, actions and environment are three keywords to the context which surrounds this selection of works. A show that will be a perfect teaser for a coming editorial project which will be in the spotlight soon.

As always, Moritz and Jägermeister will accompany us during the event so that we can raise our glasses with beers and shots while @dr.soulman will be in charge of decorating the air with rhythm.

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