As you might have seen on our Instagram we have the last days started a campaign called IG Residence What is it about, you may ask yourselves…

Our intention is to get our audience closer to all the Montana retail spots and shops around the world. Let you all know not only about the place, but also the spirit of the city where the shop is to be found. To become a window for the graffiti and street art scenes and some of the local artists of the place. Due to this we will publish a daily photo from a specific shop, chosen by the business themselves.

We will begin with Montana Shop Nottingham which became a official brand shop back in 2008, even if its owners had the shop since 2002. During all this time they have been involved in creating a local graffiti scene through a long line of projects. One of the latest projects is the decoration of the Nottingham Indoor Skate Park where local names like Cams One, Dilk, Sille-Det, and Onga. And visitors like SunkOne, and Japon.

Pay attention this week for our next IG Residence featuring BKKGraff, aka Montana Shop Bangkok, and their peculiar tourist route shown in photos.

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