The fact that the MTN 94 range is the most generous one that Montana Colors has to offer doesn’t prevent it from continuing to grow in different directions. It’s logical that, as spray paint’s creative possibilities increase, the public’s demands for the product increase in tandem, and chromatic variety is amongst those expectations.

From “Shadow Grey” to “Fluorescent Violet”

Far from what one would imagine, the grey range is one of the most requested ones. So, expanding the range was a necessary measure. A total of 10 new colors broaden the grey range in two directions: the cold greys and the warm greys.
The repertoire of blues has been expanded with 9 different tones from lightest to darkest, inaugurating a complete range of indigos.
It was also unavoidable to close the gap opened by colors such as Sultan  Violet and Raval  Violet in 2014, and consolidate an attractive range composed of 9 pink-hued violets (5 new).
To complete this expansion we’ve also included a vibrant “Fluorescent  Violet“, “Chocolate Brown” (a classic from the Hardcore range), and a “Shadow Grey” which, together with the already available “Shadow Black” and “Air White”, cover the basic spray paint options for realistic shadow and light effect lovers.

The possibilities multiply

This combination of new MTN 94 colors can even function well on its own. For that reason we asked Emak, one of Barcelona’s color masters, to experiment with them. These three ranges were enough for this wildstyler to throw down a powerful, generous sized piece on the wall. This masterful demonstration also allowed us to take a quick jaunt through the town of Igualada while contemplating how well the new MTN 94 colors work in Emak’s expert hands.

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