Montana Colors is back to organize another premiere screening at the charismatic Verdi Park cinema in Barcelona. This time it’s the documentary, Shadowman by Oren Jacobi, an audiovisual account on the life of one of the first New York street artists. Thursday, April 5th is the date of this unrepeatable experience.

In the 1980s, Richard Hambleton was the Shadowman, a specter in the night who painted hundreds of startling silhouettes on the walls of lower Manhattan and, along with Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, sparked the street art movement. After drug addiction and homelessness sent him spinning out of the art scene for 20 years, the Shadowman gets a second chance…but will he take it?

SHADOWMAN plunges the viewer into the chaotic life of a forgotten artist, from early fame as a painter and denizen of the Lower East Side, through his struggles with heroin, to his surprising comeback as street art exploded to become one of the most popular and lucrative art movements in the world. Before Banksy, there was Hambleton.

To attend the screening for free all you have to do is reserve your ticket by sending an email to and including your full name. Also, you can confirm your free assistance by checking the “Going” box on the Facebook event and we will contact you. Remember there’s limited seating capacity.

…the underlying reason for offering this projection is none other than to provide the public – artists, graffiti writers, cultural agents, and fans alike – a mirror in which to view their reflection, but in this case it’s a mirror that takes us back to the beginnings of graffiti and beyond the usual. It will surely be new for many of us who are accustomed to seeing ourselves and assiduously searching for references in a circle that is often somewhat closed, almost inbred; one where we all make reference and are referential, and where trends are what they are.

Cinemes Verdi Park
C/ Torrijos 49, 08012 Barcelona

Jueves 5 de abril, 20:15

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