The precious city of Prague held the first graffiti jam of this year, and the 2018 location was a symbolic place for the city since it was held by one the city’s famous sixteen bridges. The Barrandow bridge crosses the river Vltava and connects the inhabited side of the city with the shores on the other side. The bridge was built in the 80’s and its the biggest one in town.

The festival, which was organized by our distributor Graffneck, warmed the event up with Mr.Uruk and presented two murals at the two sides of the bridge. One wall was made by the more old school group of writers of the city, and the other by younger writers. The result is a quite complete vision of the scenes past and present, as you may see in the pictures.

Graffneck which has been operative since 2005 has organized many events before, and we hope they will keep up the good work, and to make the wait for the next event we leave you with some images from this year.

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