Miquel Wert and Ibie…could there by two more opposite styles? A nostalgic, serene photographic style up against the edgy force of a naive, fun illustration style. So, who’s idea was it to put these two artists together in the same project?

Well, it was none other than the Arnau Gallery team. The wall of the old Barcelona theatre had already been shared by two artists last November. Emilio Cerezo and Mohamed l’Ghacham formed the duo, and despite having perfectly complementary styles, they divided the wall in a strictly Solomonic manner and limited one another to their own agreed section.

The case that we’re presenting today is intriguing because Ibie and Miquel Wert were willing to completely merge their two styles in a Frankstein-like mix that, despite all odds, managed to enhance the strength in the nuances of both artists’ personal elements.

Wert portrayed a sad school portrait with his spontaneous style which was converted by Ibie’s madness into a prison for terrifyingly funny children. The result is an improvised synchronization with no shortage of artistic references, such as the presence of a character in the composition’s background that makes reference to the Las Meninas painting by Velázquez.

Photo credits: Fernando Alcalá and Antoine Careil.

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