The exhibition Smells Like Toy Spirit is still on the go at Montana Shop Sevilla, and it is the first show held there since they opened the new space. The show will stay open until the 13th of April.

Characters as an object, and as a medium. Sculptures, but also canvases and aesthetic conceptual experiences with handcraft and design. Toys, but foremost contemporary expression of our time. Over 50 pieces of art in a expo which unites a selection of artifacts by the “Art Toy Makers” Javier Jimenez, Betterdaystoys, Ghettoplastic, Emilio Subirá and the ”Toy Customizer” Wuzone.

Resin, vinyl, traditional modeling, japanese style, lowbrow, surrealism, pop art, design, bizarre, yokais, robots, customs, kawaii…
Between the five artists there is a large quantity of styles and forms which results in a wide and great representation of what the contemporary ART TOY is all about.

The main objective of the exhibition, apart from converting Montana Shop Sevilla into a toy store, is nothing less than this: teach about this artistic movement and about some of its most relevant Andaluz protagonists of international level.

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