Dr. Chaparron wanted to recuperate an archive recorded three years ago, of an intense night of street bombing in the streets of Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso. Alejandro Campos was in charge of documenting the effective work of Reks, a refined handstyle writer expert.

Spontaneous skill with letters is an essential exercise in the graffiti discipline, but there are few writers who have a truly remarkable tagging style. Reks is situated in that privileged position and the video medium is the vest way to attest to his skill and allow us to share in the extreme enjoyment of his technique that adapts perfectly to all types of formats, from huge silver tags to subtle hands in Tipp-ex or needle cap tags.

Reks graffiti writer tags with silver MTN Maximo Graffiti writer Reks from Santiago de Chile makes a tag with Tipp-ex in front of a cat Reks tagging a glass with a MTN Dabber

The result is this entertaining two minute, black and white video, skilfully filmed and arranged with a rhythm that fulfils its mission to demonstrate Reks’ flowing style at street level. But, it also makes you leaves you feeling like you want to see much more.

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