Ches never stops feeding his creative engine, whether it be painting pieces on walls or making work in the studio. He wanted to share his latest artistic project with us; a limited edition of prints made with spray paint and stencil, and each one is individually hand customized.

The fun composition features the most notorious video game character: Mario from Mario Bros, adapted to Ches’ personality. The figure is repeated all over the sheet yet in different sizes, giving a patter-like appearance. As a subtle nod to subway graffiti, and by extension, to street and underground culture, the M on Mario’s hat is replaced with that of the Moscow Metro logo; a code that can be appreciated only by those who are familiar with the characteristic red “M” of the Russian capital’s metropolitan transport system.
The world’s most famous plumber is all of a sudden transformed into a subway worker.

To announce the release of the poster and demonstrate the manual technique, Ches posted a video about the working process where you can see how he uses MTN 94 and Water Based 300. If you’re interested in acquiring this fun, original artwork, hurry up because there’s only 15 of them, plus one special edition with inverted colors, all signed and numbered by Ches with their corresponding certificate of authenticity.

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