Who lies behind the murals like the ones of Pantone in Belgium, Mexico and Lisbon? And some of the walls of Seawalls? There are many answers to these questions, but we can be sure of that Fermax has managed to sponsor some of the last couple of years best murals.

Since their relation with urban art only grows and becomes more enjoyable as time goes, they have  decided to invest more in their field, and this time through a contest.

To participate you have to follow the instructions (the requirements are quite simple), which you can find at the web which Fermax has made specially for the event. Among the participating artists 10 will be selected to present a project. One of these ten will be chosen as the winner and given 20.000€ and offered the brands support for the making the mural.

The las date for participating in the contest is 30th of April. There is no time to lose! Good luck!

Heres a selection of images  and a video from other murals sponsored by the company.


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