Since he painted for the Palma festival exactly one year ago we have not made any update on the works of 2SHY. So, now he really deserves that we make a brief general follow up on his latest pieces.

He puts his focus on large formats, and it seems its the type of walls that fits him best, and where the colorful impact of his powerful and recognizable style comes alive to its full extent. This is the case of the 90m long mural made in Lure, France, and the enormous vertical wall painted in Liege. Half way between suprematism, surrealism with naive expressions and the perspectives which overlaps in impossible ways together with the strong contrasts of colors makes his works bring us to a “naivistic” universe with psychedelic character from which it is difficult to escape.

Still, the versatility of 2SHY is not only limited to the large format walls. His intervention at this years Wynwood walls proved clearly his level of adaptation. And, his experimentations on other fields of artworks, like his sculptures, clothing (for example the scarf he created that got sold out), or the private commissions like the one he made for Spit and Mon Colonel from Party Harders collective within his expo at the Art Public Charlerioi in Belgium.

Furthermore, as if this Parisian has not given us enough material to enjoy, at his Instagram we can find his more recent graffiti pieces and trains he has made during his more hardcore years. And he has enough material to almost bore us…

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