With the aim to inspire the world to seek solutions for the water problem and unite humanity through cultural freedom, Nueve Arte Urbano in co-production with the Pangea Seed Foundation present the Sea Walls festival: El Agua Es Una (The Water Is One).

In the heart of the semi-desert of Querétaro, Mexico, Pangea and Nueve have created an altarpiece of murals on the Foucault pendulum dome on the Gómez Morín Cultural Center. The walls of this institution were lent to fifteen Mexican and international artists of the likes of: Paola Delfín, Curiot, Mantra, Ryper, Goal and Jason Botkin who were placed at the top of this artificial mountain.

Incusa and Pinturas Osel, our main distributors in Mexico have sponsored this impactful initiative that took four years of planning and began nine months ago during the Mextonia Festival, a gift from Mexico in celebration of the centennial of the Republic of Estonia.

Aside from the incredible videos by Nueve and Yoshi Trave Films, to observe each of the interventions in detail, the Nueve Arte Urbano Instagram and Facebook has meticulously covered the development of this gigantic work of art as well.

Over 20 days, a handful of artists from all over the world planted their ideas on the walls of The Querétaro Cultural Center in order to remind us that the water that flows in the rivers, transpires on the hillsides, springs from the ground, comes out of your sprinkler, trickles down the porcelain of your baths, evaporates from your forehead or reaches the sea, is the same water that we have in our blood. Humanity united, because Water is One.

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