With a project like WOMART it was foreseeable that someone of the stature of Andrea Michaelsson Btoy, the most representative Barcelona stencil artist, would participate. It happened on a wall of the Museu dels Sants building, in the Catalan town of Olot. The artwork executed by BTOY is in line with the artist’s characteristic colorist style and the evolution of content within her works.

Rebobinart reported on this superb intervention with an assortment of photographs and the video that we’ve included below, from which we have also extracted some quotes.

“The woman’s presence in art hasn’t improved at all. In contemporary art we are less and less visible”

I normally work in places different to where I live. For example, I moved away to live in Menorca a couple years ago and it was really good for me to separate myself from my work a little.”

“Murals are in public space so everybody seems them. The question of who is it painted on the wall always comes up, making it possible to explain who it is, and for them to become an icon.”

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