Is it possible to have a party based around MTN Water Based? Of course it is. In the People’s Republic of China it was done, thanks to the 27KM shop in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province.

Graffiti and Bboying join hands in a celebration held in two episodes and the first of them took place this past April 28th. Since it was an interior event, the MTN Water Based paints were the perfect tool for the competition in which 5 teams participated with permission to use use MTN 94 for some details.Chen, Zove, Mind, Kong, Jate, Aek, Rindo, Panda and Noneboy are some of the artists who demonstrated their mastery in aerosol as you can see in the images we’ve included up next.

27KM store is not only the point of sale of Montana Colors located on Changchun Street 71 of Jiang’an District in Wuhan City. In addition, they are participants and promoters of the modern graffiti culture; They organize and execute graffiti projects of international level, with great experience in the industry and in the promotion of activities. His specialty is to undertake large-scale commercial graffiti projects, initiatives that promote international exchange in the urban art scene and large-scale graffiti planning as well as other activities related to urban art.

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