Let’s pay attention to Jamiroquai and “travelling without moving” for one more week. This time it’s to get a little closer to our shop in Malaysia through our Mtn Residency project.
The shop located in Kuala Lumpur, which is commonly called KL, is the national legislative capital  of the country and is world famous for housing the Petronas Towers, which are currently the tallest twin buildings in the world and were previously the tallest buildings in the world up until not too long ago.

On the topic of graffiti, the local scene is growing at an enormous rate as you may have see for yourselves if you happen to be riding along with us on social media.

It’s always nice to see a good shop interior photo, so here they are. District Shop   knows what they’re doing!

Here’s a selection of some household names & studio shots. In order of appearance: DMOJO, Amey Sheikh Ali, Jaba. Postcards by:  Escapeva, Nes two, Dzarull Jeffry , Katun, Asmoeroc, Abdul Rashade.


Katun, Clog Two, Escapeva having fun in the Malaysian sun. And more by Pakey One, Sawer AK, Siek 27, Perol Kis.

Temple of Styles a wall production by Blackmarket, Asmoe Roc, Strictly Alphabets.

Katun, a key player on the Kuala Lumpur, and international scene.

And with crew photo we say goodbye. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! More to come soon…



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