To resume 50 years of graffiti and street art is huge task. Especially if you have to stay true to the spirit of showing parts of the culture like vandalism, ambition and rebellion. This is what Roger Gastman has managed to create in his independent exhibition ‘Beyond the Streets‘.

With ‘Art in the Street‘, another of his hit exhibits which he organized as a associate curator at the MOCA in 2011, he raised the artistic street culture and positioned the artists which then had not formed part of the main dialogue of contemporary art. And now through this gigantic expo at a space of 12,000 m Gastman unites a impressive number of emblematic artists to not only present street art, but also explores his continuing evolution and highlights the enormous influences which the movement has had on other genres of contemporary art.

The exhibition can be seen in Chinatown until the 6th of July.
For more info and photos, please visit SprayPlanet.

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