FTC Barcelona and Montana Colors are about to bump fists in a micro action event made through Montana Shop Barcelona, a small gesture which means a lot to us.
The city’s most famous skateshop has had the habit of decorating their shutter with works from artists related to skate culture. To continue this tradition they have asked Bich to design the latest makeover of their metal storefront. Bich is usually not the type of writer that does commission jobs and decorations, but here they have found perfect style in tune with the attitude of the people behind For The City.

Graffiti and skating are two urban expressions just as far away from each other as they are compatible. These are two universes that converges, in different proportions, as a sport, aesthetic creation and most of all the use of the streets as its stage. Given the responsibility which both FTC Barcelona and Montana Colors has towards their own areas, it was mandatory to consolidate the complicity of the two brands encouraged by the sense of identity of the city. Because these streets are ours.

With the use of Mega Colors, since it could not be any other way, the bomber from Barcelona has decorated the entrance of the shop with the only legally made throw-up in the entire city. A gift where the value only can be truly appreciated by the connoisseurs of Barcelona’s underground graffiti and its codes. And this is the only way we could have convinced this guy to create something that looks like art.
At Instagram you can check out the video they made.

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