It was just 4 years ago the the Rock Werchter music festival proved that it was the perfect place to carry out a large scale street art meet in parallel. North West Walls is the initiative that was tacked onto the musical event’s roster in the Belgian town of Werchter.

The Belgian conceptual artist Arne Quinze is the curator who selected the invited artists and also who conceived the amazing installations. The line-up from June 2017 included artists with enormous talent and personality like Phlegm, Smates (Belgium), Telmo and Miel (Holland), Astro (France), Hoxxoh and Jarus (USA).

The monumental interventions on shipping containers that are piled up into incredible castles were documented by One Day Creates in a video edited by _jnsp. In addition, a handful of analogue photographers helped to witness this stimulating experience by means of a more intimate and warm view.

By the way, remember that the 2018 edition of North West Walls must be just right around the corner…

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