Two weeks ago the last All City Tivoli Jam was held in Dublin. It’s not because our Irish distributors, All City, won’t be holding any more jams, but because the theatre and club parking lot in the south of the city is going to be demolished. So, future editions will have to be held at a different location under a different name.

The history of All City Tivoli goes back to 2008, and over the years it has become an international gathering for graffiti and street art in Ireland. The posters have been filled with the names of artists of the likes of Espo, Rime, Musa, BrusHoacs, Ces, Soten, and Revok, who was unable to attend when he was arrested at the airport.

To say farewell to this event’s long time location, the fifth and last edition of All City Tivoli Jam brought the incredible Insane51 and the Barcelona writer, Japon VLOK, once again representing a variation of styles which has come to characterize the event. The Greek graffiti artist continues to knock our socks off with his impactful style in which two realistic portraits are visible, only with the aid of 3d glasses.

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