Text by Albert Pons.

“Més Que Murs” celebrated its third edition in 2018 and thanks to their hard work year after year, it has earned a slot at the forefront of urban art festivals in the Valencia area, and undoubtedly, it’s one of the most important ones in Spain.

This meeting organized by the City Council of Sagunto, brought together over 50 artists from all over the world with the aim to bring together a multitude of disciplines related to visual expression in public space. The city made all sorts of different types of walls available to the artists to paint graffiti and street art, and even an amphitheatre was given to the great Roice as a canvas. A children’s workshop on MTN Puzzl6 boxes and a sketch exhibition were organized, and the AVSA company buses which connect the Sagunto area with Valencia on a daily basis were painted by the locals, Lehsly, Tone, Ceisone and Cesar Goce.

Another of the main activities was an open call for a collective mural, which brought together people like Derok, Rage, Mankey, Jedis, Oter, Skife, Herer, and Diom… among many others.
To support the project, Montana Colors, IVAJ, and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Basque Country University joined forces to open the doors to the festival to one of its students through a competition. Also, different local entities such as our distributor in the area, Bricolaje 1, jumped onboard to collaborate with the project.

Undoubtedly, Més Que Murs has had a great impact on the town thanks to the 8 murals painted on building facades including very interesting works like Imon‘s funny nod to the world of graffiti and video games, or the more figurative works such as those by Milu Correch, Emilio Cerezo or Hyuro. According to the words of the local youth councillor, Guillermo Sampedro, “we have shown that urban art is a fundamental part of culture in our municipality”. He added, “we are making our streets and plazas more attractive, giving life and color to the town with artworks by top artists, while at the same time creating a springboard for artists who are just starting out and want to spread their work and encouraging young graffiti writers and artists with the children’s workshops”.

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