Toulouse is one of the most important cities in France and as one might imagine, its graffiti scene has always boasted a hefty reputation. It’s for that reason that an event like the Open Summer Festival becomes a high caliber explosion of color and style, especially when it involves artists like Debza, Reso, Oniks, Mites, Twone, Wean and many more joining forces.

Some thirty artists united for this 2018 edition of Open Summer Festival, for what is already its seventh edition. The event took place this past June 9-10th on the exterior walls of the 50cinq workshop while a market was simultaneously organized in the Espace Cobalt.

If you pay close attention to these excellent productions that have been piled up on these walls, the vast majority of them include the new 94 colors in their spectrum.
Up next we’ll give you a photographic summary of this seventh edition of Open Summer Festival, which you can also see in greater detail by visiting the Drips site.

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