The island of Ibiza is as famous as its own cliché… a paradise for extravagant parties and nightlife. However, on the Balearic Islands there is also an alternative life where tattoo and of course, graffiti, play an essential role. Magnetic Island fits the bill within this description; a tattoo studio that’s involved in these types of activities, such as the one shown below.

A tattoo exhibition with an impressive poster, was the perfect mechanism to ignite a party in which graffiti and rap have created an even greater impact. The mics were reserved for the mc’s from the legendary, Posse North Zone. Of course, the exhibition menu includes tattoo artists who are also part of the national graffiti scene, featuring an assortment of styles as different as Sune, Raro, Suep, Flash, Ed Zumba, Posk or Kuru. Unfortunately, not all the participants were able to attend the event and therefore share in the wall that we bring you below♦

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