Slowly but surely we can see more and more applying of graffiti in sculpture art. Jan Kalab, Peeta, Fred Plateus, Kwest and Xavier Magaldi are some of the well known names which uses this format. The last to be mentioned has wanted to share his new production with us. We are speaking of a installation made in “Urbex” mode, which means it is made to grasp a context of urban exploration.

Many objects found in the street combined with objects left in the abandoned building has been used by the Swiss artist to create what he calls “The Guardian Urbex”.
With the height of 4 m this great sculpture reaches up to burst on its own surrounding of graffiti pieces to create a suggestive interaction out of context with its own presence. The spot chosen for the installation Is the old Wine bodega in Geneve, a building which before was used for processing of wine, now converted into a place for local graffiti art.

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