The days keep rolling by and Back to The Style 2018 is getting closer; the most celebrated Italian graffiti festival in recent years. In following through with the intense promotion that’s been usual in the latest editions of the event that we just announced this past June, it’s time for CTA Crew to show their skills via a mural that the planned especially for the occasion.

Summer is coming, and the Back to The Style count down is on! Time for the CTA crew to show their writing skills, straight outta Caserta.
The infamous crew from the sunny city spent a day for dressing a local wall with their freshest styles: Zentwo, Rise Neon, Tony Tres and Koso unleashed the style beast… you better be ready to run away from it. The caravan starts again, let’s go!

Through a comprehensive photo shoot, Vasso has once again documented the session that was once again made possible byGraffitishop, Il Fuori Orario and No Color.

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