We are going to renew a old but still as interesting section from the blog: Three Aces. New York’s own Such, an expert at improvisation, is here to reveal his three favorite pieces through a selection of pictures backed up by his own thoughts around them.

  • This wall all started with the background that GIZ did with a sprayer for Art BAsel2017! Freestyled of course! The colors were chosen according to the background colors. We chose blues and yellows. Black and white. My piece in particular was a style i did previously. The overlapping outlines. And playful lettering! Melting crayons. Lol! The big “h” was inspired by the background layout GIZ sprayed! This wall is one of my favorites. SUCH x GIZ RIS CREW! MTAnyc TMRBROS! 2017!

  • The story behind this wall, like most walls I do is freestyle. It all starts with the background and how we spray it. Watering down the buff colors to create the wash out effect. MIRO coordinated the background colors and placement of drips. When it came down to the pieces it was also freestyled the lettering as well with the same technique as the background using the wash out effect. Paint splats and melted crayon style. Also the size of these burners was really big. Being it was done in MIAMI. The colors fit perfect. Teals. Yellows blues. Fun colors and dancing pieces! Explosive styles.

  • This wall is one of my favorites. I chose the Colors for the background and MIRO executed it perfect. This time rolling it! with reds and yellows and orange. Creating a super fresh washed out look. Colors were poppin. I suggested we use similar colors for the burners to blend into the background and cause mass hysteria. Blues reds yellows. Popped it with white and black. Superman colors. The letter style i did was freestyle… OverLapping and being loose with it. Unorthodox and different. Stand out style! Also done in miami! Actually all 3 of my favorite walls were done in miami. Must be the weather and good vibes. RUGS MIRO SUCH. MIAMI. 2018!

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