In the last production we posted about the 123Klan had brought along two new participants: Golois and Bopor,, and in “Piece of the Day” published just four days ago on their video channels they have even added yet another two more invited artists. This time we see Demski and the Mexican artist Smithe, the last one mentioned with his outstanding and peculiar styles adapted to graffiti which lately has exploded, as you can see in his Instagram as well. compositions with a typography style together with disturbing characters with an aestethic which, even if they are far away from the characteristic creations of Smithe, still maintains a graphic link as for example the meticulous and subtile use of color.

The final result of the wall is a medley of styles whee we find the graphic design of 123klan and Demski combined by the style of Smithe in transition to the floating pieces of Golois and Bopor with its more spontaneous and “dirty” character.

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