Summertime in Madrid city can be a quite complicated time of the year… the high temperatures and dry climate combined with the asphalt of a big city can easily turn into a explosive mix. Still, this year SoMad and Montana Shop Madrid has joined forces to present the new collection of the local brand and fill the shop with a fresh ambience!

SoMad has presented new models of their now classic caps with five panels, which by the way are made by experts with the best materials, and also new limited edition shirts made in collaboration with our store in Madrid, together with other merch like patches.

In terms of graphics, it is elegance that characterizes SoMad. The simplicity and good taste are the base of their designs together with a clear inspiration taken from classic 90’s fashion in reference to brands related to the golden age New York Hip Hop era. New York, which always has had strong influence on the Spanish capital in both graffiti and urban culture.

As the main release in the collection we also find a excellent design of the letter S, which in different formats of pens and markers the first letter of the brands name converts into a solid logo, easy to identify for any fan of writing graffiti.

SoMad has in very little time gained a well deserved space in the wardrobe of many writers, and on the shelves of our Montana shops in Madrid, Seville and Barcelona♦

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