Cheste is an inland town in the province of Valencia, Spain, where the “Graffitea” street art festival has been held for the past three years. It was during this past month of May that the latest edition of this graffiti meeting took place, presented by the Councillor of Culture, Mª Ángeles Llorente, and the Wall Artittude artists, Sergio Terrones, Flug, and Raquel Ruiz, La Nena Wapa Wapa.

This year we reduced the number of murals and, therefore, also the number of artists since the spaces are much larger; in this way we intend to grow in quality and not in quantity“, explained Flug. Under this premise of selecting the artists and surfaces to be painted, the spaces to be painted were larger than in previous editions.

Solo and Diamond, Kraser, Koz Dos, Callizo, Dados, Digo Diego and Wall Artitude make up the list of artists who have added their coat of paint to the walls of Cheste, in a big way♦

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