SprayPlanet has chosen the interview format to bring us a little closer to Vyal, a tireless psychedelic scene creator and unconditional user of MTN spray paint.

Hypnotic is the word that best defines Vyal’s work. This Los Angeles graffiti artist’s compositions demonstrate advanced skills in handling aerosol, and this amounts to a total domination of fades, shine effects and masterful color control that allows him to play with any combination no matter how reckless it may seem.
But Vyal is also interesting not just because of the sensations that his work provokes, but also for what he himself represents.

A lot of my visual inspiration comes from my cultural influences. Everything from murals to lowiders, to traditional ceremonies and dance…. It all blends together and inspires a lot of my work.”

According to Vyal, the representations he paints are intended to take us on a journey into an amazing spiritual world that can represent life in the hereafter or a doorway to other dimensions. This idea of mystical transcendence is directly related to his origins, being that he is half native and half Chicano; an influence that’s also visibly evident in the work.

My life has lead me down a path with the result being that I believe we all live in one giant hallucination every day.”

Although unique and singular, the personality reflected in his art is representative of West Coast graffiti. In comparison to New York, the Pacific coast scene is much more open and diverse, which leads many graffiti artists to directing their work towards a more artistic or cross-over projection in terms of techniques and content.

It seems to me, that New York stays true to their style and history. LA on the other hand, to me, has seemed to grow and open up stylistically.

This open-mindedness is the key to an empathic capacity that transcends borders and makes Vyal a particularly friendly person, as we saw during his visit to Barcelona a few years ago. However, if you aren’t able to meet him in person, you can at least dig deeper into Vyal’s hypnotic personality and read the interview at SprayPlanet. It’s better than nothing!

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