What better way to celebrate a anniversary than through a expo? This is the idea that Fixe had when he wanted to celebrate his 20 year long graffiti career. The Mexican artist has organized a show which has intented to synthesize the evolution of his style during the two decades he has been active. It happened last May at “Sala Juarez” in the Radio University of Guadalajara, México.
Photography from different times, sketches and even a chronology divided into different eras is what the material he has put together is made out of. The VRS crew member also lets us get closer to the concept of the graffiti he has been creating through the years.

A piece made made with the MTN 94 Fluorescent is here perfect to show to what point he has grown in his evolution as a writer and artist. When the  intervention reacts with black light it converts into a piece which interacts with its environment. On a completely opposite end we find the pieces and sketches made during his first active years.
The material is also perfect to remember how all writers goes through phases in their learning as a  of learning and that writers limited techniques does not compromise the development that can be achieved in the future.

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