“White walls, silent people”

Tags, the most essential and basic form of graffiti is probably the bombing method that’s most difficult to eradicate no matter how effective the measures taken by municipalities are. Porto is an example of a city in which the fight against street bombing hasn’t managed to make a dent in writers’ attitude, especially in those that are as involved as Ucal.

“Tags were and are the basis of my activity. They were what caught my attention in graffiti and led me to paint. After almost 20 years, tags are definitely one of the most enjoyable things that I continue to do that keep me active.”

“White walls, silent people”, is one of Ucal’s mottos. The noise made when leaving a tag behind is a metaphor for the fact that the authorities have not managed to silence this writer’s voice. They won’t succeed.

MADMAXXX turns the discipline of tagging into a devastating act of creation that Ucal has decided to immortalize with the video that we present exclusively to you today. “MADMAXXX is crazy, it’s amazing how in seconds you can deface a whole landscape. It’s my best discovery since MTN Hardcore,” he says.

With the support of Montana Colors Portugal.

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