During last July the 12+1 project held by Contorno Urbano brought the artistic duo known as Medianeras to the wall in La Torrassa.  Vanesa Galena and Analí Chanquía from Argentina has been painting in the public space for over 10 years, and it was three years ago that they embarked their unified art project under the name Medianeras, this way amplifying their productions both in dimension as well as in concept.

“We wanted to work on a  an idea of a box which from a certain point view would become visual, but that from a new angle would another form and become deconstructed, distorting the same idea in the words of the artists.”

The finished piece shows a naturalistic representation of a pair of sneakers kept in a box, a way to revalue old and torn objects.
The artwork aims to provoque the spectator to miss a trivial object, partly by presenting a disturbing illusion of depth. Clara Antón and David B Rock is once again here to bring their report from the latest 12+1 project.

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