• Name: Mr. Pollo
  • City/country: Savona, Italy
  • Active since: I started painting in 1997
  • Personal motivation & message: I met this world 21 years ago, when I was at school, i had to take the train every day and the trains where fully covered in pieces. It was impossible not to admire them. A few years later, the story changed, I often used to skip school just to wait at the station painting and taking photos of my work. This little story is just to be sure you understand how much love, action, perseverance I’ve always put into the entire movement. Over the years, with the new generations all of this respect seems to be lost, due maybe to internet, or maybe it’s just evolution. About my style I can say that I have always been influenced by graphics and illustrations, in my graffiti I’m focus on the research about the simplicity of the lettering and clean lines. I’ve always have work on some concepts, and even if I am not interested to be famous, I like if someone appreciates what I do in the way I do.  And I’m excited in front of someone who appreciate my work. I have always loved painting during the night, because the night it’s charming and romantic. I began to appreciate the halls of fame in the last few years, just because I’m getting older. Lol. Shouts to the guys who paint with me and a big up to Christian Blef.


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